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The tour begins with picking up the tourists in the lobbies of your respective hotels. We have two routes. The first from Cancun to Playa del Carmen, and the second from Tulum to Playa del Carmen, finding ourselves in the entrance of the "Pueblo Sacbe" so that all the tourists enter the temazcal together. Once in the temazcal the shaman will greet us with a bonfire in the middle of the room. Once the tourists are ready for the temazcal they will stand up around the fire where the fire ceremony will begin to purify your body and spirit.


In this ceremony, you will ask permission at the cardinal points, to the earth, and some deities, while you pray and play some rustic musical instruments. Once the ceremony is finished the tourists surround the temazcal and before entering the "fire man" (shaman helper) will pass in front of them with incense.


When everyone is seated inside the temazcal the shaman does more prayer inviting the tourists to make personal petitions. At the end the fire man will introduce one by one the hot rocks to the temazcal, providing the shaman a musical instrument, and a bucket with water, which contains different essences. This water is what is poured over the hot rocks so that it makes steam. Once inside the temazcal for around 15 minutes the shaman prays, sings and repeats chants. When finishing the songs and chants we will ask to open the door and the fire man will open the door and an opening in the upper part of the temazcal so that the steam exits. In that lapse of time the shaman will talk with the tourists about their anxieties and conerns. If any of the tourists ask for water you will get it. If you need to leave you will be permitted, and if after you want to enter again you are welcome.


This process will be repeated 4 times and when it is time to leave the first to do so is the shaman and is received by the fire man with a branch of herbs, and water is poured on the head, the back, and the face. After the shaman finishes this process with all the tourists, the tourists will then go outside and water and tea (fruit and herb tea) will be offered along with a table full of sliced fruit. When everyone is outside and ready, you will put your sandals or shoes on and walk to the cenote (approximately 100 meters). Head down the stairs and arrive at the wood platform of the cenote. There the tourists can jump in the water or climb down the wood ladder. You will have about 15 minutes free time to swim. Upon leaving put on your shoes and return to the temazcal. After eating and getting dressed, you will say goodbye to the shaman, board your respective transport, and return to your hotel where the tour will end.


- Guide
- Air-conditioned transportation
- Fees
- Fruit and tea
- Temazcal 4 doors
Not included:
- Additional consumption
- Tips
- Sandals and towel
- Mosquito repellent biodegradable
- Comfortable clothes and shoes
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