Río Lagartos Coloradas tour

Take a tour of the Natural Reserve of the Lagarto River Biosphere, through 20 kms of canals surrounded by Mangrove, for the observation of the emblem of the pink Flamingo reserve As well as other birds, Herons, Eagles, Seagulls, Pelicans and Cormorants, as well as we will observe crocodiles.

After the tour comes to the salt industry, called Las Coloradas, there you can see the water lagoons with characteristic color, where the guide to the process of extracting the salt, after the dirigibles to the white clay bath, which thanks to its high levels of phosphorus, sulfur and other minerals, exfoliate the skin.

Later we stop at a small beach to bathe and remove the clay in the sea, and we finish the tour, approximately in a time of 2 hours. to go to enjoy a Caribbean meal in front of the sea.

Arriving at Rio Lagarto, we go to El Perico Marinero Restaurant, we have three dishes to choose from, which is chosen at the beginning of the tour Grilled fish fillet, garlic or breaded, may also be pork or beef, is a choice of rice, a garnish of vegetables and a soft drink.

finishing enjoying boarding the transport that will return you to your hotels.


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